Summoners War

I am sharing my experience of Summoners War with this blog.

Summoners War: A great Game


People nowadays are looking for a lot of android or IOS “Role Playing” games with which they can spend their free time. Well, there is one game that would satisfy all the needs of a “Role Playing” game lover. It’s a game that includes the best graphics and also the best actions that a game could provide.

Summoners War is one good game that any MMORPG players would like. The game possesses great graphics. The functions of the game are very simple: all you have to do is to summon monsters, power them up, equip runes and then purchase buildings. The best thing about the game is that the fights are in full 3D and each of the monsters in the game gets cut scenes while doing a critical attack. One other thing that intrigues many gamers is that each of the monsters in the game has completely different set of skills depending upon their element type. The elements in the game include fire, water, wind, dark and light, with each elements being strong or weak to each other.

One good thing that separates Summoners War Cheats from other MMORPG games is that the player has complete control on what happens while fighting. The players get to choose which of the monsters attack their enemies and what skills to use.

However there are a few cons for the game as well. Well, like many similar games, this one also has a lot of “pay-to-win” aspects to it. And, additionally the game also includes significant errors and glitches, which might often annoy the players.

Overall, this game might be an excellent game for those who like RPG games and action games a lot. The game has a lot of cut scenes and is fully action packed, which, to many players, are very appreciable.