Summoners War

I am sharing my experience of Summoners War with this blog.

What to know about Summoners War


If you're looking for a great game that will have you addicted in no time, then Summoners War is the perfect one to try. Having quite a bit of personal experience with this game, it is always my first choice to play when I'm bored. The graphics are amazing for a mobile game, and the storyline is fairly easy to follow along with. When you start out, you get a monster summoning scroll, which gets you your first monster to fight with. After that, you can summon more by earning more scrolls, stones, or their premium currency, Crystals.

About the Monsters

While each monster does have their own personal perks, which help either them or others of the same type; some skills are only activated in certain areas, and under specific conditions. However, some monsters are, of course, better regardless. Though many of the online players will dispute the best of the best, needless to say the higher the star count of a monster when summoned, in almost every case, they will be better than lower stars. This is not to say that if you don't end up with a 4 or 5 star naturally summoned monster you won't be good, the game will get more difficult as you progress.
However, this can be helped, as when you add someone as a friend and they accept, you can use their selected monster once a day to help you get past areas you can't pass on your own. And if you really want to challenge yourself, or simply show off your monsters, you can fight in the arena where your opponents will get harder the more you fight. You can also join guilds, and get special bonuses for victories, and sometimes just participating in a battle.

Crystals and Mana Crystals

For those who are into such a thing, certain packs can be purchased, ranging from the normal game currency, "Mana Crystals" to special summoning stones, and even powerful summoning scrolls, the way you play is always your choice. Though the ones who frequently buy packs like these do not necessarily have the best monsters in the game, whereas some people who never spend a penny can be fortunate enough to get many of the best monsters; whether it's an Archangel, one of the phoenixes, or polar queens. Everyone has a chance to be great in Summoners War Cheats it's not purely a "pay to win" game.