Summoners War

I am sharing my experience of Summoners War with this blog.

Building Your Team in Summoners War


I recently started playing Summoners War, and I am already hooked. Wherever I am, I can take out my phone, and transform into a summoner fighting through dungeons with my monsters in search of treasure. Knowing the elements of the different monsters, and how they are effective against each other, can make or break your career as a Summoner.

When you begin the game, you will have a team of the basic elements of monsters (fire, water, wind). Fire is strong against wind, wind is strong against water, and water is strong against fire. As you learn to summon new monsters, you will learn about light and dark element monsters. They are strong against each other.

Having the right balance of monsters to summon in battle is crucial to being victorious in Summoners War Cheats deutsch. As soon as you can, have at least one trained-up monster of each element so that you are never caught off guard. Remember, that if you forget the type chart there will be arrows above each of your opponents indicating which element attacks are strong or weak against them.

The final tip for building your starting team in Summoners War is to check the elements of your opponents before every battle. Then, you can put the strategies you learned today into action on the battle field.