Summoners War

I am sharing my experience of Summoners War with this blog.

Starting out in Summoner's War


Summoners War, made by Com2Us - has been around for awhile now. We’ve all seen the commercials with the pretty amazing characters and want to know how to control them for ourselves!

Starting Game play

You’ll first meet the ever helpful Ellia, who is your guide through this magical land. You’ll need to have patience if you’ve not used the servers before. They will need to download all the files to play your game. Additionally you’ll have an update about once a week, generally on Mondays. Make sure that you update so you have the latest in-game updates, characters, and challenges. You’ll either need to sign in or create a Com2Us account and you’ll connect any appropriate social media applications, for example Facebook or Google Play/Plus. The more friends you have the more you’ll be able to succeed at different things as well. As for the characters, we’ve already mentioned your host.
You’ll be required to go through a tutorial that will give you the background story and introduce you to basic play. You’ll earn monsters - one wind, fire, and water based. More often than not a fire based Hellhouse, a water based Fairy, and a wind based Vagabond. You’ll learn how to level these and add runes. Runes will require leveling as well.


You’ll have other characters/monsters as well. I personally love the Occult Girl and the Sky Dancer. The higher the level you are, the more monsters you have access to. Additionally you’ll want to take advantage of the daily quests. Completing these will allow you to have access to a greater number of the Mana Crystal and Blue Crystals - which are in game currency.
One key thing you’ll want to remember is that you’ll need three stars to bump another max leveled three star to a four star. The same would be said of a two star, four star, and so on. You’ll want to have as many as possible on hand to help your max level stars to move up to the next level of stars. You will start back down at one and work back up the max level. Remember to have extras when trying to level with in the same star level - this will allow you to earn bonus’ or allow you to bump up your maxed level stars to the next level of stars.
Just like any other game where 5 characters grouped up - you’ll want one for a tank, one for a healer, and then just good base attacks or bonus’ will be good to have The composition will be completely up to you of course. You’ll find the different elements have stronger abilities than some so keep an eye and ear out for what is the better of them all. Don’t be afraid to play around, over all you’re going to play around to get the right feel of your composition and are happy with your win rate in the PVP arenas.
To unlock more monsters you’ll want unknown scrolls which can be earned or bought. Complete a level in an area and you’ll have earned a few scrolls, blue mana crystals, and occasionally some red mana crystals.

Challenges of Summoner War Cheats

You’ll have daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. If you consistently play the game you’ll very rarely need to pay for it as the play is designed to reward those who work hard.
Daily challenges will be same every day and you’ll seven. You’ll want to completely them all you’ll generally earn Blue Crystals, XP, and/or area plays. Additionally - you’ll have a different dungeon to compete in every day - this will allow you to focus on either the Wind, Water, Fire, Dark, or Light monsters you’ve unlocked. It will allow their counter to level faster and allow you to practice how to attack and build a team! Remember that Water is stronger than Fire, Fire is stronger than Wind, and Wind is stronger than Water.
Weekly challenges are generally arena based - the better you do the more challenging these will become - so be careful. Don’t get discouraged if you lose a round! Keep going - also keep your list of players whom you fight on the arena active. You’ll be able to retaliate and you can get some pretty good win streaks going if in the right circumstance! Monthly challenges will either be a special that goes for the month (or a majority of it) or your daily login reward. Logging in daily is always beneficial and will help you earn different things.
Overall remember to play and have fun! Learn how to play your Monsters and complete quests. You’ll be a pro in no time!